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An area for any information regarding Management+


Founder - Jorim

The Founder of MesaGaming, represents the community in a business approach.
Holds power over everyone.

Email Here for Business related enquiries.

Owner - Hades

The Owner of MesaGaming, owns the entire community and has the say over the servers that are created.
As well as promoting management and dealing with any of the server issues.

Co-Owner - Sean

The Co-Owner of Mesagaming community, Runs the servers and make sure that everything is in working order for the Owner to do.
Can promote Management and is spoken to with regards to any Servers issues.

MRP Staff Manager - Tawm

The MRP Staff Manager supervises the whole staff team of the MilitaryRP server and makes the appropriate changes to it.

Forum Manager - MiK

The Forum Manager is responsible for the forums and is the highest member of the Forum Administration Team

If you have enquiries regarding the forums, please send an Email Here with the subject "MesaGaming Forums Inquiry"

Community Manager - Ateeb

The Community Manager deals with all things related to community of the Servers such as Events, Giveaways and Community suggestions.

20 September 2018
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