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MilitaryRP Server Rules

For all of the Rules regarding the MRP server

1. Golden Rules

  • 1.1 Do NOT shoot fellow soldiers under ANY circumstances.

  • 1.1.2 Do NOT kill any Trainees who leave their area without a trainer, Call staff instead, if you kill the trainee(s) you will be punished for RDM.

  • 1.2 Do NOT pick up weapons that do not belong to your regiment (give to a staff member if found).

  • 1.3 Always salute ranks of ‘Commissioned Officer’ and above. And Always no matter what, salute General+ or equal, failing to do so can be seen as disrespectful and you could be jailed for it.

  • 1.4 Always respect and obey a higher ranking officer - you may only challenge orders if you feel that they may be detrimental to the regiment or mission, but disrespect will lead to a demotion.

      2. General Rules

    • 2.1 Do NOT break NLR (New Life Rule). The NLR timer is 3 minutes. Do not return to the area of your death without direct orders or attempt to act on situations you were involved in prior to your death. During the timer you must not return to your area of death for it’s duration.

    • 2.2 Do NOT abuse your rank. This included random orders and requests that may violate the golden rules.

    • 2.2.1 This also includes randomised demotion without reasoning

    • 2.2.2 Offering promotions for personal favours.

    • 2.3 Do NOT power game. This means making an RP situation work out best for yourself by unrealistic methods.

    • 2.4 Do NOT Bunnyhop. This means jumping around the map. This qualifies as FailRP and will be treated as such.

    • 2.5 Do NOT use any aimbot or even any hacks in general, or it will result in you being permanently banned from the community.

    • 2.6 Do NOT abuse bugs. For example, walking under the map and shooting the enemies, As this will result in a lengthy ban from the server.

    • 2.7 A staff member's decision is final, do NOT challenge it. If you have an issue with staff, report it on the forums.

    • 2.7.1 If in any case you believe the staff member is in-fact in the wrong, you have to prove with evidence this is so, if you slate the staff member without proof of them breaking a rule or abusing their rank, you will be punished.

    • 2.8 Do NOT metagame. This means using information outside of conventional RP in order to enhance your gameplay. For example, using information in OOC chat so as to know where an enemy is hiding. This includes VOIP programs such as TS3.

    • 2.9 Do NOT RDM (Random Deathmatch). This means killing people without a viable reason.

    • 2.9.1 CDM (Car Deathmatch) also qualifies as RDM.

    • 2.10 Do NOT FailRP. This means doing something that you would not normally expect in a given RP scenario. For example, shooting weapons randomly, sitting on people's heads, etc. Destroying the Mess Hall tables is classified as FailRP.

    • 2.11 Do NOT troll/minge or seek to irritate other players.

    • 2.12 Do NOT converse in languages other than English while in game.

    • 2.13 Being offensive to staff or players will result in a mute/gag/warn if repeated.

    • 2.14 Do NOT advertise, suggest, or reference content which is not associated with MesaGaming.

    • 2.15 Any form of "spoilers" from a media product will result in a permanent ban. For example "Did you see that INSERT NAME HERE died in INSERT NAME HERE"

    • 2.16 Any names that a staff member deems to be unfit will be told to change. If the user refuses, they will be punished.

    • 2.17 Do NOT impersonate another player on the server. This is considered trolling/minging and will be treated as such.

    • 2.18 Putting links in the OOC without permission is against the rules, the only links allowed are for our forums. This is to protect others from Malware or Viruses.

    • 2.19 Going AFK for an extended period of time while the server is at max capacity may result in a kick.

    • 2.20 Only Drill Instructors are allowed to train trainees. If no DIs are available staff and experienced players may train (definition of experienced is defined by the staff member calling on the player).

    • 2.21 Only Brigiaderand above can order an execution in the ILF Faction, and you must put the target in restraints, blind them, have a firing line on them, issue them to say any last words, then have a countdown from three, You then order men in a firing line to execute.

    • 2.21.1 Captain and above can only execute enemies.

    • 2.22 Mild racism is allowed, if directed at no one in specific, or light if directed at a person for the reason of comedic relief or RP (To an extent. If taken "too far", measures will be taken. By RP, occasions such as calling someone in the ILF a “raghead” for example, are meant).

    • 2.23 At any given time, only 2 APCs may be deployed at a time by each faction.

    • 2.24 Pulling a weapon out of any kind while the enemy are aiming at you with weapons off-safety, is considered FailRP, You must get to cover where the enemy cannot see you and then you can take out your weapon.

    • 2.25 Downtimes do not exist. Rules apply at all time no matter the situation or amount of players online.

      3. Roleplaying Rules

    • 3.1 You must ask permission before leaving base or taking a vehicle. For example: /nato Permission to "insert order here".

    • 3.1.1 If there is not officer present on the server, then the highest rank will be able to Grant/Deny PTLs. However they will not be able to grant vehicle use.

    • 3.2 Restricted areas are only accessible with a higher ranking officer present.

    • 3.3 Do NOT arrest someone without a viable reason. This is considered RDA (Random Arrest) and is a warnable offence.

    • 3.4 Do NOT lead trainees outside of their territory unless you are going to train them.

    • 3.5 Running along the tops of fences/walls qualifies as FailRP.

    • 3.6 Do NOT block doorways or passages which may interfere with the flow of people.

    • 3.7 Do NOT use /roll unless you are within the circumstances to do so, you must only /roll in interrogations, and most importantly, bunk checks, in which you must /roll to check each person.

    • 3.7.1 In an interrogation, the use of /roll is determined by the prisoner. If they wish, they can just reveal all the information they know without using /roll.

    • 3.7.2 Lies as a consequence of winning a roll MUST be believable. For example, stating you are a PVT from the TowelHeadBrothers may and should not be believed by the interrogator.

    • 3.8 If you are to speak to someone out of character in your close proximity, when using chat, please use /looc. If using your mic, state the OOC nature of your message before speaking.

    • 3.9 Do NOT break from your cuffs, if you break your cuffs, this will be noted as FailRP.

    • 3.10 You shall address officers by their rank or by the term “sir”. Anyone below Officer Ranks are to be addressed by their rank.

    • 3.11 Do NOT follow orders which compromise the server rules.

    • 3.12 Do NOT host or participate in duels/fights between allied soldiers. This qualifies as FailRP and RDM.

    • 3.13 In the topic of FearRP, you must surrender and act upon FearRP if the enemy outnumbers you with a ratio equal or higher than 3:1. Any less and you may run and/or fight back.

    • 3.13.1 If you are approached from behind, or you are in a 1v1 situation and are approached from behind, you are to follow the above rule and surrender.

    • 3.14 Tryouts are OOC if inside the bases. If seen outside, they are subject to the same rules as any patrol and may be shot by the enemy faction depending on ROE.

    • 3.14.1 This does NOT include pilot tryouts.

    • 3.15 A war must last from 20 minutes to 1 hour without extensions. In order to declare a war, no tryouts must be in progress and both sides must have their highest ranking officer at the time agree to partake in the war, they MUST have at least one staff member to supervise the whole ordeal for it's entire duration. War extensions must not go over 30 minutes and any given wars cannot have more than 2 extensions. In order to extend a war, there must be no/very low visible vocal opposition in chat.

      3.16 Rules of Engagement (RoE)

      • NATO ROE:

          NATO May engage the EAFA under these Circumstances:

          The EAFA are showing hostility against NATO (Pointing weapons, Planting Explosives near NATO Soldiers ect. )

          A group (2+) have taken a flag from the NATO(You cannot engage if they have no weapons out until the flag’s status turns from NATO To EAFA)

          If NATO Troops are being engaged upon.

      • EAFA ROE:

          A group (2+) have taken a flag from the EAFA(You cannot engage if they have no weapons out until the flag’s status turns from EAFA To NATO)

          If NATO Are in seeing distance of the Base

          If EAFA Troopers are being engaged upon

          NATO Are showing hostile behavior (Pointing weapons, Tailing Patrols)

          If a EAFA Trooper is being captured by 1 Enemy trooper.

      • Civilian ROE:

          You are being engaged upon.

          Anyone enters your building without permission (Must have KOS sign visible using 3D Textscreen).

      • UN Peacekeeper ROE:

          You may engage on all when:

          You are being engaged upon.

          Forces refuse to leave the civilian town after 2 warnings (Only when there has been conflict by EAFA & NATO)

          Any forces run away from an AOS.

          Any Civilians are being engaged upon, or their lives are being put at risk.

          Any forces who speed through a Checkpoint or FOB. (You must disable their vehicle if possible), if they continue to go or shoot back, then you can engage.

      • Helicopter ROE:

          You may engage a helicopter if:

          They refuse to leave an airspace after warning

          They are firing at friendly soldiers

          They are firing at Friendly Helicopters

          Circumstances around unarmed aircraft engagement:

          Enemy troops are being deployed in restricted airspace/active firefights.

          The deployed troops are showing hostile behavior(Pointing weapons, Engaging upon friendly troops) Combattants deployed from helicopter engage upon you.

      • 3.17 FearRP - You must surrender if the enemy:

      • 3.17.1 Outnumbers you 3:1 or more.

      • 3.17.2 Strips you behind your back without being spotted or noticed.

      • 3.18 FearRP - You may surrender if the enemy:

      • 3.18.1 Surrounds you/Overwhelms you without having a 3:1 ratio or higher.

      • 3.18.2 Demands your surrender.

      • 3.19 When a member of your faction is being captured or has been captured, you may only engage the enemy if there is ONE of them performing the capture. However, if multiple enemies are within the area of it taking place, then you must attempt to retrieve the Prisoner of War through alternative measures, such as negotiations.

      • 3.20 All prisoners/POW/Hostage exchanges MUST be done with something of actual value to the faction, be it another prisoner, access to a restricted area, free passage through a checkpoint, high value equipment such as helicopters and etc., a cache of weapons, and other such things of which money is also included.

      • 3.22 Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is strictly prohibited. Erotic roleplay is defined as carrying out intimate sexual activities with no roleplay relevance. An example of ERP is engaging in erotic, explicit activities with prisoners and/or civillians whilst being in an active military role. This rule is considered FailRP and will be classed as such.

      • 3.23 When having a Prisoner of War in the base during a base attack, you must NOT kill the captive until the base attack has existed for a minimum of 90 seconds. After that period, you are free to engage your Prisoner of War. This allows the other faction to have a fair chance of retrieving one of their own.

      • 3.24 When there is a firefight taking place everyone in the immediate area is KOS.

      • 3.25.1 Do not place Breaching charges on other people. This is considered FailRP.

      • 3.26 The use of the infantry mines are for both sides. However you cannot place them in front or near bases.

      • 3.26.1 The Mines are only permitted for IA Engineers and SAE EOD. If you need one ask for staff to give you one. However you must have a reason.

      • 3.26.2 You cannot place mines in the bases

      • 3.26.3 Don't throw IEDs at close quarters to kill enemies.

      • Shooting rockets at people at close quarters is classed as Fail RP

      • 3.27 When asking for Permission to engage you need a valid reason. Reasons such as “Badguys” or “They are dropping troops”

        4. Regimental Rules

        • 4.1 Upon joining a regiment, you must wait 3 days before doing another tryout, and you cannot join the regiment you had just left for 14 days, as you are automatically blacklisted for that amount of time. You will also receive a warning from staff for ‘Regiment-Hopping’ and if you do this too much, you may receive further punishment.

        • 4.2 You can only be in one free regiment at a time, however, this does not apply with V.I.P jobs.

        • 4.2.1 All VIP jobs equal a rank of sergeant regardless of your normal rank. This only applies for people above said Sergeant rank, anyone below uses their normal rank, If below sergeant.

        • 4.3 Regimental disrespect will not be tolerated. (For example: "insert regiment name here" is terrible and they suck dick everyday).

        • 4.4 If you go inactive (without making an inactivity post on the forums), you may be demoted without warning.

        • 4.5 Colonel+ have the authority (strictly for their own regiment only) to review and submit verdicts on applications of rank 'Lieutenant Colonel' or equal and under.

        • 4.5.1 If a Colonel is on an Inactivity or there is no current Commander, a General or Community manager may also do this, But only in these cases.

        • 4.6 You may be in two sub-regiments at once if you are Irainian Army.

          5. VIP Related Rules

          • 5.1 With the purchase of any VIP package you must understand that you are in no way above the rules, you WILL abide by them, should you not, your package may be removed.

          • 5.1.1 If you are to use your VIP package in an incorrect way you may receive a strike. If you get 3 strikes then you may lose your package, this can be permanent.

          • 5.2 On Tactical Insertions:

          • 5.2.1 You can use them anywhere, except from enemies bases/FOB or in water

          • 5.2.2 NLR is reduced to 1 minute with a Tactical Insertion. Unless it is a base attack, in which the standard 3 minute NLR applies to the tactical insertion.

          • NLR:

          • Inside base users of Tac Inserts have no NLR timer. (Unless there is a base attack)

          • Outside base users of Tac Inserts have a reduced 1 minute timer, in lieu of the normal 3 minute one.

          • 5.2.3 TIs (Tactical Insertions) must not be placed in glitched or bugged spots.

          • 5.2.4 Users of the Tactical Insertion have one minute spawn cooldown, which means they must not shoot at anyone during that minute. Users can receive fire in NLR.

          • 5.2.5 Destroying friendly Tactical Insertions without their explicit permission is against the rules.

          • 5.3 Platinum VIPs and Premium members are subject to certain rules pertaining to their special set of permissions.

          • 5.3.1 While using !administrate, you MUST be using the Trainee job.

          • 5.3.2 Do not give yourself any items you shouldn’t have (e.g. knives you have not donated for) as these should already be permanently added to your inventory, if not, Call a manager and above to do this for you or make a ticket here: http://mesagaming.phy.sx/forums/donate/support.php

          • 5.3.3 DO NOT abuse your power.

          • 5.3.4 Only use a physgun to build (Premium only) or flip vehicles.

          • 5.3.5 You MUST NOT build if you are a PlatVIP. That right is reserved for Premium.

          • 5.3.6 (PREMIUM ONLY) Building must be kept within reason and within RP.

          • 5.3.7 (PREMIUM ONLY) If staff tell you to stop building or to tone it down, you do so.

          • 5.4 Grappling Hook users are subject to the following rules:

          • 5.4.1 Do not slingshot (Manipulating the grappling hook to sling into the air).

          • 5.4.2 Do not pull around props with your grappling hook. This is FailRP.

          • 5.4.3 Do not stand Radio Towers/Water Towers/Pylons or any structures similar to these.

          • 5.4.3 Do not grapple on to other people.

          • 5.4.4 You may dangle on Trees and objects to get a vantage point but don't stand on them.

          • 5.5 Child Suicide Bomber must abide by specific rules which are the following:

            Child Suicide Bomber Rules:

              This is the only job where suicide is permitted.

              You may only detonate your explosive device if the blast area (people near you) contains 3 or more enemy soldiers.

              Suicide Bombers are exempt from FearRP, as long as the weapon used is the explosives device, not a primary or secondary weapon. This means that multiple soldiers pointing a weapon at a Suicide Bomber do not prevent an explosion from occurring, they are still permitted to blow up. However, it does stop the Suicide Bomber from using his primary and secondary weapon.

              After reaching 3 deaths, you must exit the job to allow for other player(s) to use.

              You must wait until 2 people have used the job before you can switch back to it, after reaching 3 deaths.

              You can only Suicide Bomb when there is combat

            6. Base Raiding Rules

            • 6.1 There is only 1 life during a base attack for the attacking side. This means that once you die, you can no longer participate in the base attack. You must stay in your barracks until the base attack has ended. After that, you must head to Debrief.

            • 6.1.2 If you are the defending side, you must wait 3 minutes, even as a tactical insertion owner, before entering the conflict in your own base again, as the defending side, you have unlimited lives.

            • 6.1.3 You need to control each of the Flag points to start a base attack.

            • 6.2 Do NOT kill or even attempt to attack anyone in their barracks, barracks are off limits within a base raid, you will be brought into a staff sit and given a warning for RDM and Breaking NLR (2 Warnings).

            • 6.3 There is no raids allowed during war, if you attack a base during war, you will be punished and even warned/kicked.

            • 6.4 Do NOT Kill recruits nor their trainers during a raid, as they cannot take part, if a trainer does take part during a raid, they will be punished.

            • 6.4.1 Inversely, any trainer and trainees should remain with any weapons equipped and must remain in their allotted training areas.

            • 6.5 You cannot raid just for the kills, you are to only raid for the gain of the enemy flag post, hostage retrieval or stolen intel.

            • 6.6 Base Raids can only be called by a Captain or equal and above.
            • 6.7 Base attacks have a cooldown timer of 1 hour, which cannot be broken by either side whatever the circumstances. This timer starts once the last attacker is killed or the base attack is called off by the attacking commander. Who are to radio in /all “Base Raid Over (Faction) Win the raid!”.

            • 6.8 A raid only ends once the enemy bases’ control point/flag point is captured or the last attacker is killed.

            • 6.9 Both sides are to do a Debrief to reward those who did well or to instruct their side on how they could have done better (or both).

              7. Vehicle Rules

              • 7.1 All vehicles are subject to a 5 minute spawn cooldown. Upon the need of a vehicle arising, the person or people in need of a vehicle must wait the specified time for a friendly to bring back a vehicle or to find a vehicle. Only after those 5 minutes can a vehicle be requested to staff.

              • 7.2 Land Vehicles

              • 7.2.1 An Officer+ is required to be in a vehicle in order for it to be used and granted.

              • 7.2.2 If no officer is present with you, you require permission from a LTCOL+ to grant vehicle usage.

              • 7.2.3 Vehicles must be tailored to the amount of people being transported. (Don’t get a buggy/quad for more than 2 people)

              • 7.2.4 Job specific vehicles must, as expected, be used solely by their intended job. (Pilots only fly helicopters etc)

              • 7.3 Aircraft/Helicopters

              • 7.3.1 Aircraft have a spawn cooldown like all other vehicles. Aircraft Spawn Cooldown begins once a pilot has lost or crashed their helicopter.

              • 7.3.2 NATO and EAFA have a helicopter limit of 3 at a time. Anymore than 3 and the latest spawned helicopter will be removed.

              • 7.3.3 Aircraft must only be spawned in their correct areas, being the helipads in your base. If needed, staff can hold an aircraft above the walls with a physgun while it spins up in order for it to take-off without issue.

              • 7.3.4 The Blackhawk is a 9-seater helicopter and therefore must have at least 5 people in it before it may take off. If there are less than 5 people, use a Huey or Little-Bird.

              • 7.3.5 The only people eligible to fly helicopters are pilots in their pilot job.

              • Air Force LTC+ may fly helicopters without being the pilot job. (Air Force LTC+ may fly helicopters of their choice without the requirement of rule 7.3.4)

              • 7.3.6 Using the Sit Anywhere script on attack helicopters, helicopters not intended for transport, or on the exterior of any helicopter is classed as FailRP.

                8. Job & Ranking Rules

                • 8.1 Only WO+ or equal can host tryouts for a regiment and it must be the regiment they are in.

                • 8.2 WO+ or equal can promote up to two ranks below their own rank.

                • 8.2.1 Only CPT+ or equal may accept/pend/deny an application for WO or equal.

                • 8.2.2 Only Lieutenant Colonel+ or equal may accept/pend/deny an application for First Lieutenant+ or equal.

                • 8.2.3 Only Colonel+ or equal may accept/pend/deny an application for Lieutenant Colonel or equal.

                • 8.3 Colonel+ should ensure that there is an up-to-date roster for their regiment, when/if you step down or leave, The roster must either be passed onto the next person taking charge or a General+ or equal.

                • 8.3.1 All Rosters can be made and updated on the Forums Regimental area, or a Google Doc. But you must make sure to inform a General+ or equal that you are making a Google Doc, so that they can be given permissions on the doc, to ensure it is being done right and isn’t being messed with maliciously.

                • 8.4 When resigning from your post as a Lieutenant Colonel+ or equal, You must give 4 days notice and ensure that the regiment is stable. You cannot ditch a regiment if it does not have other commanders, If you do this, you will be blacklisted permanently from this regiment and receive a ban.

                • 8.5 If you are a Colonel+ or equal and your term has ended, you go to the rank of CPT or equal in the regiment you have been assigned. If you are to leave for another regiment, You enter as the first enlisted rank.

                • 8.5.1 If you are a Major General+ or equal, you can become a CPT or equal in any NATO Regiment of your choice after your term has ended (Main regiment, not sub-regiments).

                • 8.6 In the NCMP, WO+ or equal may change the code of the base, Non-NCMP can only change the code of the base if they are a First Lieutenant+ or equal. Same Applies with PAPF.

                • 8.6.1 Changing the code of the base is only to be done in the case the base is in possible danger or is under attack. For instance, if there are enemy forces standing near your base, you tell them to leave, if they refuse, you issue a Code Orange, If they still do not leave, a Code Red is issued and they are automatically KOS.

                • 8.6.2 You cannot leave the base during Code Red and especially cannot kill people while outside of base in a Code Red. You must be manned on the rooftops or towers.

                • 8.7 Generals may only leave the base if they have at least one other person with them, as a General, you are not to leave the base on your own, this is unrealistic.

                • 8.7.1 As a General if you intend to get involved in conflict, you must use the Field General job, the EAFA's General jobs are already set up to be field ready.

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