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Forum Rules

For all of the Forum Rules listed here.

Forum Rules & Terms Of Agreement


  • Once you have been banned you must serve 50% of your Ban length before appealing.
  • If you recieve a punishment on the forums your moderator permissions (if any) will be revoked for the duration of the ban.
  • Failiure of taking the appeal template seriously will extend the ban further, following which will permenantly remove the privilege from you.

General Rules

  • Do not impersonate other users, your account will be permanently banned doing so.
  • Any harm brought to another user will get your account banned, as this violates the code of conduct you have signed upon registering.
  • Any and all profile names must be alphanumerical, Special characters are permitted in certain cases but otherwise they must all start and end in an alphanumerical character.

  • Warnings

    • You can be warned for inappropriate language without correct context; E.G. "All n**gers should be wiped out", and there being no context or very little relevance to the current context.
    • Any posts containing inappropriate content such as any graphic or porn will be instantly removed and you'll receive a warn.
    • Inappropriate Spam is, spamming ratings, or anything related to spamming will instantly get you warned, if spamming ratings you may be possibly banned.
    • Inappropriate behaviour warns is very similar to language however its more to do with the attitude you are presenting to everybody. (E.G) such as being incredibly argumentative.
    • Inappropriate use/abuse of the report function, is failing to use the report function seriously.

    Posting Rules

    • Ensure posts are relevant to the area.
    • Any spoilers released from games or movies will get the user banned. Once said title has been released for 2 months are "spoilers" allowed as this gives the majority of users to watch/play said title.
    • Posting "in-game drama" which may cause offence or controversy isn't permitted
    • Taking and using any content from Mesa Gaming is prohibited. If seen doing so, you will be banned permanently from Mesa. Legal action may be taken in some instances.
    • Do NOT Advertise applications or other servers in ANY way. This includes mentioning in any form and "Bumping" threads.
    • No pornographic/nude images, links or videos to be posted as this will ensure your right to post is taken away. If child pornography or FGM is present, the appropriate law enforcement agency in your area WILL be contacted.
    • No violent threats towards staff or other members.
    • No Threats to attack the server/website as you will be instantly IP Banned.
    • Use Common sense, DO NOT post anything that can offend other members.
    • You may only speak English in Shoutbox and various threads.
    • You may only post 1 Shitpost per day.
    • As said below in posting rules, any pornographic content will be removed and appropriate action will be taken.

    The above rules also apply to the shoutbox and signatures

    Signature Rules

    • The dimensions of your signature must not exceed more than 300px in height and 1000px in width
    • Innapropriate signatures that violate the rules will be removed from the user, a warn or ban may be administrated.

    Continuously asking members of forum staff to retract punishment can lead to your punishment being extended.

    I pray for your continuing adherence to our forum etiquette, and look forward to your acquiescence of these Terms of Agreement.

    The MesaGaming Forum Team reserves the right to change the rules whenever is necessary. Any situation that is not predicted in the rules above is to be decided by the Forum Administration Team.

    Any customs you want to know or understand about click Here.
16 July 2017
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