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Comments on Profile Post by Zinx

  1. Travishatch
    Ye ye Ye ye Ye ye Ye ye 100 % worth the money
    21 February 2017
    Zinx likes this.
  2. SaturdaysHeroes
    Yeah , Jorim get's 85 pounds and you get some cool dogs , guns and cameras!
    21 February 2017
  3. Viiperzz/ Bin Laden
    Viiperzz/ Bin Laden
    Yea its worth it
    21 February 2017
  4. Gab
    Ye know those donator jobs... Which you look at and wonder... That looks sorta cool...
    And you have 85 quid.
    DO IT
    21 February 2017
  5. Dwarf
    Or you can just give me the £85 :D
    21 February 2017
  6. Zinx
    21 February 2017