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Comments on Profile Post by Durand The Philosopher

  1. Cure
    Over = Expecting a message back
    Out = Not expecting a message
    just for future reference, don't use both, it should just be "Durand Out"
    10 January 2019
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  2. Jomie
    ok cure
    10 January 2019
  3. Jacktot v2
    Jacktot v2
    would of promoted you today xD
    But enjoy the rest
    10 January 2019
  4. Henrinz
    ok cure
    10 January 2019
  5. Gary
    over and out?!?!?!
    10 January 2019
  6. Durand The Philosopher
    Durand The Philosopher
    is it a wrong way of saying it? If yes please tell me what's the correct way so i don't make an idiot out of myself.
    10 January 2019
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  7. KiingZz
    Over. Means waiting for a response usually in a question asked E.G: KiingZz- Your 10-20, over. Out is used when you are making a statement but not requesting a response E.G US Army Are going to do training, Out.
    10 January 2019
  8. Teemo
    we have some professional military men in here
    11 January 2019
  9. Python
    רות סוף
    11 January 2019
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  10. Durand The Philosopher
    Durand The Philosopher
    seems i got lost in translation on that one.
    11 January 2019
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