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Comments on Profile Post by Jack_

  1. Lock
    You probably would be if you were active
    11 February 2019
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  2. Bucky
    I’ll abuse you if you don’t stop
    11 February 2019
  3. Daggers
    Nah I used to kill trainees for fun as NK
    11 February 2019
  4. Lock
    Gosh darn it Bucky don’t abuse the ROE
    11 February 2019
  5. John Corleone
    John Corleone

    11 February 2019
    Daggers likes this.
  6. Jack_
    Who started this ROE thing anyways while I was gone?
    11 February 2019
  7. Lock
    Sorrow made a rant & complained about NATO "Abusing" the ROE cause we go out in squads of 4+ then when I came on TS I blamed Jeff
    11 February 2019
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