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Comments on Profile Post by EthanL

  1. Bottz
    Nowhere is far enough from Romania
    5 March 2019
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  2. EthanL
    5 March 2019
  3. Cure
    Do you not know how to use commas? You put one “,” not two “,,” also it should be “Far away from Romania” with two not one. Retard.
    5 March 2019
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  4. Gary
    a few people barely use commas so it's a good thing he is
    kind of
    5 March 2019
  5. Teemo
    Lmao, I, agree, with, cure.
    5 March 2019
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  6. Trax
    I'm just praising how lucky I am to be born this far away from that shithole
    6 March 2019
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