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Comments on Profile Post by Wolf Jr.

  1. MiK
    Yes. you found out my real face. Now you can go back to drink Jack Daniel's :D

    IG Staff =/= Forum Staff

    I Was IG Staff

    Hugs & Kisses <3
    Ya PT fam

    FaZe allub in 2k17 lul
    23 July 2017
  2. Wolf Jr.
    Wolf Jr.
    Staff includes = In game and forum are you dumb :D is the owner dumb? :D (Frank don't plz ban me D:)
    23 July 2017
  3. ♦Roger♦
    Not in MesaGaming. MesaGaming =/= Common Sense
    23 July 2017
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  4. MiK
    23 July 2017
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