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Bendow's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Bendow., 4 May 2020.

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  1. Bendow.

    Bendow. Newbie

    4 May 2020
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    First name: Nicholas (IRL)

    Age: 15

    Steam Name: POLDO

    Steam ID:
    Forum posts ( 20+ ): Sadly i dont have that many, as i had a massive problem with forums, as i couldn't have posted in any channel.

    Are you active on Discord? ( If not, don't bother applying ): Yes, I am active in discord, and I am always ready to help people in need.

    What is your timezone?: GMT +1

    Do you have a working microphone which you are willing to use?: So, I do not have a working microphone, but in like 1 hour, 2 hours a working one should arrive, I may sound a little squeeky as I am italian.


    How many warns do you have?: I currenctly have 3 Warnings ingame, I hope they do not influence the application but they will, from every warning i learned something.

    Why are you interested in joining the Mesa Gaming staff team?: I am intrested in joining the Mesa Gaming Staff Team cause i am a very experienced staff member with ULX Commands, I know what to do in most of the sits, I never Admin-Abused in any server i have been staff in, and I do know the rules pretty well.

    What makes you stand out from the other applicants?: I may stand out from the other applicants as I am a very experienced staff member, I am experienced with ULX Commands and I do know what to do in Sits, unlike some people i accept warns, etc, unless i think they are unrightful or not derserved.

    What are your key skill sets that will help you become staff?: The key skills that may help me becoming staff is Surely the Grammar, the experience with ULX Commands, past Staff Experience, and Knowing what to do in all the cases, such as sits, bugs, etc.

    Why should you become part of our staff team?: I would like to become part of the staff team, as this server really helped me, Helping my Morale, and Its always been there when i was bored, not knowing what to do, i would really give everything for this server, Money, etc. I dont really care what it is, this server has surely made a piece of my gaming experience.


    Please explain what the following phrases and such mean:

    • RDM: It Means Random-Death-Match, let's do an Example. Player A Kills Player B when they are both NATO Troops for no reason, Player B Makes a sit about Player A RDMing him, the staff member would surely check logs to see if its true, and ask for any proof, if Player B is right, Player A Would be warned for RDM.
    • RDA: RDA Means Random-Arrest, let's do an Example. GSG9 Private Jamey arrests CPL Davey for no reason, CPL Davey calls for a sit and explains what happend, i would ask both of their stories, then ask if anyone saw the scene happend, in this case, Jamey would have actually RDAed Davey, so I would warn Jamey for RDA.
    • Attempted RDM: Basicly the same as RDM, But in this case, The Player actually survived and managed to kill the RDMer.
    • NLR: NLR Means New-Life-Rule, Let's do an example. Player A Kills Player B in CT, But Player B Comes back immediatly and kills Player A, It would be both NLR and RDM.
    • FailRP: Basicly when a Player came just to break Rules, it can be both Minging and FailRPing, let's do an example. Player A Starts running around, opening gates, running out of the NATO Base for no reason, Sitting on people, shooting randomly, it is Fail-RPing.
    • Metagaming: Its when a Player, for example, says where his Hideout is in OOC Chat, and then, Also anothey player, ICly tells everyone where that base is, or Player A Changes from Tali to US Army, and reports everything that they said in Afghani Comms.
    Is there any difference between NLR and Breaking NLR? What about "NLRing" and Breaking NLR? If there is, what is the difference?: NLR Is the Rule itself, whiel Breaking NLR Means breaking the rule, an example could be going to the place of death, not respecting the Cooldown.


    How should "admin sits" be handled? What is the process of handling them?: Well, surely I would firstly claim the sit, as the Staff On Duty job, then I would bring the Reporter to a safe place, and ask him what happend. Then, the player would say who he Reported, and the Reason why, then i would ask if the player that has been reported is currenctly RPing, not to break a Roleplay, and when he is not, bring him, I would ask them their story, and each of them would say their story, I would check logs, ask if anyone saw the scene, and try to gather proof, when i gathered enough proof, i would decide.

    If there was a player "minging" around and not roleplaying correctly, what would you do?: I would surely bring him, or teleport to him, telling him to stop, and maybe also bring him to a safe place, and tell him to read the rules, and please to respect them.

    What comes first? Role-play or administrative duty?: I would say Administrative Duty comes first, as a player could be stuck, bugged, RDMed, etc.


    In-game name: US Army CPL Alexander / Al Qatala MAW Junky

    Please list any administrative punishments you have received, if any: I have recieved 2 Solo BA warnings, even if in one we were more but they were apparently executed, but i do not mind too much, and one for ARDM.
  2. Alex

    Alex Head Admin i guess MRP Senior Administrator US General OG OG MRP Supporter Too Shit to shit post

    28 January 2016
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    Unbold the answers please :)


    You are also applying for a other server for staff at the moment?
    Last edited: 4 May 2020
  3. MatthewUK

    MatthewUK ★Who Dares Wins★ MRP Trial Moderator OG MRP Supporter

    10 June 2017
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    To start of with I don't want to be too negative as it is only a trial period, but you have only just joined the forums, your activity in game is average at best and you have already been blacklisted from Para for minging and you have accumulated a fair few warns. Maybe give it a week or two prove to the community your good enough for the position, be more active on discord and on the forums, for a better chance of getting this position. Overall ingame you seem like a mature person but I just don't think you should be applying this early.
  4. Bottz

    Bottz whyareyouevenreadingthis OG OG MRP Supporter

    30 September 2016
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    Firstly, application is barely readable as it is hard to distinguish the answers from the questions. Please try to make your application look professional and better from a grammatical point of view. Moreover, from what I can see, you recently joined the forums, which does not make it better for you.

    Regarding the actual answers that you have given, I don't personally like how you answered the "KNOWLEDGE OF RULES", as, instead of trying to give an actual definition, you came up with examples that are quite unclear. In some cases you even omitted explaining some rules, for instance - what NLRing is.

    Until you fix problems that I have stated and add more detail to your application, I shall not consider changing to a Neutral / +support.
  5. Eto

    Eto ex something idk MRP Trial Moderator OG OG MRP Supporter MRP VIP

    4 December 2016
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    @Seán lock this thread until he has 20 posts
    Last edited: 4 May 2020
  6. Seán

    Seán Forum Man | Big Nig | Chunker Forum Manager Founder OG

    6 January 2017
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    You have this exact application on another community, it wouldn't be fair to you, ourselves and that community if you were trying to moderate on both communities. You also haven't met the minimum requirement.
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