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UPDATE Changelogs 3.1

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by Jorim, 5 May 2020.

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  1. Jorim

    Jorim Founder Forum Manager Founder OG

    17 January 2016
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    Heres what changed:

    - Removed Crafting
    - Removed TFA
    - Removed gHomes
    - Added Iranian Joint Forces
    - Added CW 2.0
    - Added Boobytraps for AQ ( tripwire grenades, bouncing betty, etc... )
    - Add a Fortification Tablet ( You can build destructible fortifications, to help shield you in battle )
    - Added Keycard ( right click does /me shows ID for you )
    - Added the G wagon for Officer+
    - Added Turkish Armoured Vehicle for IJF
    - Added miniguns to the heavy jobs ( balanced )
    - Added a flamethrower to the Taliban Fire trooper
    - Added Customizable knives
    - other stuff that I forgot
    - Experiment = New ROE
    Guns out, when out of base = KOS
    Guns away, when out of base == NOT KOS, Also no Asspulling of any kind.
    Guns out in and near of your respective base = NOT KOS
    FearRP still applies, if you attack an entire patrol as one man = FAILRP
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