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Keegans Iranian Officer Application

Discussion in 'Officer Applications' started by Keegan, 5 May 2020.

  1. Keegan

    Keegan Newbie

    26 April 2020
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    Name: Keegan

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:60640535

    Have you been previously banned?: No

    Which regiment are you applying as Officer for?:Iranian Republic

    Are you active on the forums? (20+ posts): yes i am

    Are you active on the Discord? (If not, don't bother applying): everyday

    Will you be using your regiment’s discord regularly?: Yes i will.

    Explain the following phrases:

    RDM: RDM stands for Random Deathmatch, or basically killing without a reason. It's a very simple concept that is largely misunderstood. People get upset because they get killed and blame it on RDM, when really, in a roleplay perspective, you can kill if someone making you feel unsafe, attacking you,

    Example: An US military is on a training and he lost on paintball. he gets pissed so he decides to gun down all members of his troops,

    Example: im making an patrol when i see a guy that "looks" like a threat, so i pull my gun out and kill him, before even makin sure that he is an Confirmed enemy then it would be RDM since it is not a valid reason for opening fire.

    Metagaming: Using knowledge from real life that does not apply to the role-play,taking knowledge from OOC chat or Discord to know what your enemies are doing.

    Example: kenny in the /ooc chat : lads lets hide the hostage at apartment and then set up a trap for nato
    Chad ic: hey soldiers i know where the hostage is located and they are gonna make a trap,

    FearRP: Fear Role-play is when a player does not fear for his life, 3 soldiers have you in gun point but you still decide to run away.
    Example: you are a confirmed terrorist and nato has found you, you have lost the roll so they have u pinned, 3military is standing around you with guns, yet still u decide to make an escape.

    FailRP: Fail Role-play is a term used when a player breaks the RP barrier with actions that are not possible in the real world, like b-hop, sitting on the front off a car sitting down when you getting shot at to avoid getting killed.

    Example: Keegan is b-hopping inside base to get to the gate faster

    Example: jimmy Sits on front of a car because there is no more seats in the vehicle.

    Powergaming: Powergaming is when a player does something impossible in RP situations, like using the /me to get out if any situation with ridicules overpowered /me actions.

    Breaking NLR: Breaking New Life Rule is when a player uses knowledge from before he died to his advantage

    Example: PVT oliver gets shot by a terrorist and returns back to the exact same area to kill the terrorist


    Will you be sufficiently active? (insufficient activity can lead to loss of rank): Yes im active everyday, as mutch as i can

    Will you adhere to your CO’s regulations?: of course I will.

    Will you show respect to others in the community?: I have always showed respect towards people and regiments.


    Have you been an officer before on any of the MRP Platforms? (If so, how did it go?): Yes I've been an general in sas, mp , royal logistic corps and RAF on another server, and i show great leadership, i got well known for my support to other players on the server and my skills to make everyday be intresting within the regiment

    What experience have you gained as an NCO?: how to form a recruit into a soldier, knowledge on how to lead a rp situation on a professional lvl in rp


    Character Lore (1 paragraph minimum):
    Name: Sergeant Keegan Ross. nickname: Keegan (Keegz)
    iam a former member of the USMC and the scout sniper for the elites. Im rather quiet and not very social around people, but is known to complete combat operations under extreme conditions. i can be social if its needed and take the leader role if its necessary.
    i joined the military at young age and was proficient in rifle training.i attained the rank of Sergeant within Reconnaissance and became a Scout Sniper. sometime later after serving and gaining combat experience on the battlefield, im here to stay and make sure that my comrades will get the same knowledge as me. THIS IS KEEGAN AND IM OUT. OORAH!
  2. salih

    salih Member

    27 November 2016
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    This guy is a good leader, i hate him ingame but ooc he's a cool guy
  3. Khan

    Khan The Best Paki This Server Has Ever Had OG OG MRP Supporter

    7 October 2016
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    - Has experience as a higher up
    - noice guy
  4. Olly

    Olly I've been here way too long MRP Trial Moderator OG OG MRP Supporter

    5 April 2016
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    + Good Leader
    + Experience
    - Been an Officer in two regiments in the past week alone.
    - Not sure if you will be committed to The Iranian army or come back to NATO when you get bored or fed up.
  5. Alex

    Alex Head Admin i guess MRP Senior Administrator US General OG OG MRP Supporter Too Shit to shit post

    28 January 2016
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    +Support as long as you won't leave this position immediately because you get fed up.

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