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Military Role-Play Rules

Discussion in 'MilitaryRP Rules' started by MesaGaming.net, Dec 10, 2017.

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    Military Role-Play Rules
    • Do NOT shoot fellow soldiers under ANY circumstances.
    • Do NOT pick up weapons that do not belong to your class (give to a staff member if found).
    • Always salute ranks of Lieutenant and up.
    • Always respect and obey a higher ranking officer - you may only challenge orders if you feel that they may be detrimental to the regiment or mission.
    General Rules

    • Do NOT break NLR (New Life Rule). The NLR timer is 3 minutes. Do not return to the area of your death without direct orders or attempt to act on situations you were involved in prior to your death.
    • Do NOT abuse your rank. This included random orders and requests that may violate the golden rules.
    • Only 2nd Lieutenant and above can order an execution in the North Korean Faction, and you must put the target in restraints, blind them, have a firing line on them, issue them to say any last words, then have a countdown from three, You then order men in a firing line to execute.
    • Racism is allowed (to an extent. If taken "too far", measures will be taken).
    • Do NOT power game. This means making an RP situation work out best for yourself by unrealistic methods.
    • Do NOT Bunnyhop. This means jumping around map. This qualifies as FailRP and will be treated as such.
    • Do NOT use third party software to enhance your game play (i.e. Aimbot).
    • Do NOT abuse bugs. For example, walking under the map and shooting the enemies.
    • A staff member's decision is final, do NOT challenge it. If you have an issue with staff, report it on the forums.
    • Do NOT metagame. This means using information outside of conventional RP in order to enhance your gameplay. For example, using information in OOC chat so as to know where an enemy is hiding. This includes VOIP programs such as TS3.
    • Do NOT RDM (Random Deathmatch). This means killing people without a viable reason. CDM (Car Deathmatch) also qualifies as RDM.
    • Do NOT FailRP. This means doing something that you would not normally expect in a given RP scenario. For example, shooting weapons randomly, sitting on people's heads, etc.
    • Do NOT troll/minge or seek to irritate other players.
    • Do NOT converse in languages other than English while in game.
    • Being offensive to staff or players will result in a mute/gag/warn if repeated.
    • Do NOT advertise, suggest, or reference content which is not associated with MesaGaming.
    • Any form of "spoilers" from a media product will result in a permanent ban. For example "Did you see that INSERT NAME HERE died in INSERT NAME HERE"
    • Any names that a staff member deems to be unfit will be told to change. If the user refuses, they will be punished.
    • Do NOT impersonate another player on the server. This is considered trolling/minging and will be treated as such.
    • Tanks are a weapon as well as a vehicle, don’t use them as a toy, they are only to be used in attacks and training.
    • The only people allowed to use the Tanks, are US Engineers, US Army Colonel+ (Only Field General is allowed to use the tank).
    • Going AFK for an extended period of time while the server is at max capacity may result in a kick.
    • Do NOT use any aimbot or even any hacks in general, or it will result in you being permanently banned from the community
    • Only SGT+ (with permission) can train, and CSM+ Without permission can train without permission, you are only allowed to train 4 people at a time, only Drill Instructors are allowed to take on higher numbers, due to specially knowing the training system.
    Roleplaying Rules

    • You must ask permission before leaving base or taking a vehicle. For example: /us [US] Permission to "insert order here".
    • Restricted areas are only accessible with a higher ranking officer present.
    • Do NOT arrest something without a viable reason.
    • Do NOT follow orders which compromise the server rules.
    • Do NOT host or participate in duels/fights between allied soldiers. This qualifies as FailRP and RDM.
    • Training must only be held by designated trainers.

    • Do NOT lead trainees outside of their territory unless you are going to train them.
    • Do not Microphone/Chat spam. This qualifies as FailRP and Minging.
    • Running along the tops of fences/walls qualifies as FailRP.
    • Do NOT block doorways or passages which may interfere with the flow of people.
    • Do NOT use /roll unless you are within the ruleset to do so, you must only /roll in interrogations and when checking any RU’s ID at the front gate as well as most importantly, bunk checks, in which you must /roll to check each person.
    • If you are to speak to someone, when using chat, please use /looc.
    • Do NOT break from your cuffs, if you break your cuffs, this will be noted as FailRP
    Regimental Rules

    • Upon joining a regiment, you must wait 3 days before doing another tryout, and you cannot join the regiment you had just left for 8 days, as you are automatically blacklisted for that amount of time.
    • You can only be in one free regiment at a time, however, this does not apply with V.I.P jobs, as you are not to put a rank within your V.I.P job.
    • You must always obey your commander (LTC+). Failure to do so may result in a punishment and qualifies as FailRP.
    • Regimental disrespect will not be tolerated. For example: "insert regiment name here" is terrible and they suck dick everyday.
    • If you go inactive (without making an inactivity post on the forums), you may be demoted without warning.
    VIP Specific Rules

    • Do NOT use grenades without a valid reason. Doing so, will qualify as FailRP and abuse of your job, which may result in you getting removed from the job.
    • Specialist Pilot should only engage hostiles if assaulted.
    • Cavalry Scout should only engage hostiles if assaulted.
    • Grappling hooks should only ever be used to get up hills or to lower from helicopters. Attaching to another player qualifies as FailRP.
    • Fists should only be used in RP situations such as torture and hostile combat. Using them without a viable reason qualifies as FailRP.
    • Loyalist Bodyguards can guard any soldier they are assigned to. They can assign themselves or be assigned by higher ranking officers.
    • The Tactical Insertion, although used as a way to avoid a 3 minute NLR, still has a 1 minute NLR on it, and you must put in an area not open to others, such as behind a tree, in a house or anywhere that isn’t accessible etc.
    Base Raiding Rules

    • There is only 1 life during a raid (No TAC INSERTS) you must go to Debrief after death.
    • Do NOT kill or even attempt to attack anyone in their barracks, barracks are off limits within a base raid, you will be brought into a staff sit and given a warning for RDM.
    • There is no raids allowed during war, if you attack a base during war, you will be punished and even warned/kicked
    • Do NOT Kill recruits nor their trainers during a raid, as they cannot take part, if a trainer does take part during a raid, they will be punished.
    • You cannot raid just for the kills, you are to only raid for terminal information or a hostage retrieval.
    • The raid timer is exactly 1 hour, if you break this timer, the raid will be called as false and therefore those involved, will be forced to retreat immediately.
    • Base Raids can only be called by a Colonel+ in US and RU or a Senior Colonel+ in NK.
    Breaking any of these rules may lead to punishments ranging from a warning to a ban. Breaking roleplay specific rules may lead to a demotion or blacklist from your current regiment. Breaking job specific rules or abusing VIP jobs may lead to your loss of access to those jobs. Breaking rules as a VIP may also lead to your loss of VIP.
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