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MilitaryRP Revamp V6.4 - Changelog

Discussion in 'Server changelogs' started by Hades, 5 August 2018.

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  1. Hades

    Hades Yeet Owner

    29 July 2016
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    MilitaryRP Revamp V6.4 - Changelog​
    • Paintball gun is back good work training will work in the kill house
    • some addons were removed from the workshop so i've uploaded the models so you should be able to see the putin's weapons now.
    • Fixed some ranks in ulx e.g Staff Manager, Forum Manager and Head of Sales.
    • Fixed some problems with the PlatVIP ulx give command.
    • Crashing has stopped idk how but magic I guess.
    • Teamspeak will be back when i can get Jorim to pay for it he is currently away.
    • Also new collection click.>Here<

    Note:Have any suggestions post them in the suggestion area ill take a look.
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