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MilitaryRP |[ Revamp V6.7 - Changelogs

Discussion in 'Server changelogs' started by Seán, 13 September 2018.

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  1. Seán

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    6 January 2017
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    MilitaryRP |[ Revamp V6.7 - Changelogs:

    • Some Vehicle Clutter Removed in CT
    • PAPF have a Support Unit
    • Cavalry Scout now have the M24, Along with the PMC Commander
    • PMC Now have Comms
    • PAPF, IKF Medic, CEAA & NATO Field General, Too, Have Comms now
    • Field General Jobs have been givin a unique Skin change
    • Chinese Super Assault has been given a Skin change
    • All Marksman now have Cameras to use as Binoculars
    • Both sides now have new custom barracks with a lot more room
    • Alarm has been fixed in NATO Base
    • Some regiments have been given weapon revamps
    • Textures have been added to remove Purple Checkered Texture
    • KSK Jobs removed from Whitelist Menu
    • PLASOF Recon Jobs fixed
    • PLASOF HP & Armor Updated
    • DEVGRU LT & CPT both have medkits now
    • All Special Forces & Pilots have Parachutes
    • PAPF Commander have Different Shotgun (M3 replaced by Shoty)
    • RMC have been given more equipment and USP Pistol for better and accurate changes.

    More to Come..
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