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US Army Orders - 06/05/2020

Discussion in 'United States Army' started by Skit, 6 May 2020.

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    US Army Orders - 06/05/2020

    Training (applies to Officer ranks) -

    1a. Soldiers must know & be trained on the basic combat skills; bounding & move to contact in squads & the new RoE
    Therefor officers WILL host training that involves the above. IF standards do no improve in this area, I will personally be looking at the officers of the regiment, to see what is happening.

    1b. Officers are encouraged to post on the forums as what training they have conducted. Officers should also contact me via the forms to give reports on how the enlisted personnel are performing.

    JTAC Role -

    2a. I am still waiting for an answer on if this role will come into the army, however meanwhile ALL personnel should research this role and know what its' purpose is.

    Discipline -

    3a. If any personnel are now seen doing the following: Bunny hopping, Leaving base without PTL & not acting appropriately, action will be taken in the form of: Warnings, promotion freeze & demotion.

    3b. If anyone is un-sure if they are being punished appropriately, then prefer to the US Army Discipline Guide, this will aid personnel who are unsure if they are being mistreated.

    Any questions message me.

    US Army Orders - 002 - 06/05/2020 - US Army COL SKIT
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