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Vallus's Staff AP

Discussion in 'MRP Staff Applications' started by Vallus, 6 May 2020.

  1. Vallus

    Vallus Newbie

    31 March 2020
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    First name:


    Steam Name:

    Steam ID:

    Forum posts ( 20+ ):
    I have more on my old account

    Are you active on Discord? ( If not, don't bother applying ):
    I am

    What is your timezone?:

    Do you have a working microphone which you are willing to use?:


    How many warns do you have?:
    I have none

    Why are you interested in joining the Mesa Gaming staff team?:
    I have been staff on a few servers and I love the community and would like to give something back. Mesa gaming is the only server so far in my time playing Gmod that actually stands out from the rest. I have played mesa from 2017 onwards on a different account that I unfortunately lost but I was not an active player and could only hop on every once and a while. I had great respect for the staff and other players as they helped me through the darkest days of my life so far, and I feel that I should give something back in return.

    What makes you stand out from the other applicants?:
    I am always positive and can have fun with users and other staff members, I go out of my way to help people and take everyone's opinions before making an action. I have past experience as a staff member on smaller and bigger servers such as werwolf and fuse networks and I know ULX commands. On many past servers where I have been staff, people have requested that I take their sit as they feel that I am more friendly than other staff but I feel on this server it won't matter as even though I haven't been in a sit all the staff are as friendly and kind as ever and I respect that a lot. I am also not afraid to voice my opinion when something on the server changes whether it is good or bad. I am also not afraid to tell anyone off if they break a rule whether it is a regular or a senior staff member(but really is a senior staff breaks the rules were in some deep shit XD). I also am a humorous guy which I believe is good for a staff member to help calm people in a sit and ease the tension between the two opposing parties.I was also an officer on the last Mesa gaming(US VS NK) in AFSOC so i would have some officer skills to bring aswell.

    What are the key skill sets that will help you become staff?:
    I have past experience as a staff member on servers from NRP's, Sandbox's, SCPRP's and MRP's so I have dealt with all kinds of people and know how to handle them. If you read the last section you would also know that I am a humorous guy that can help ease tension. I am also kinda hype for mesa gaming since the new one came out and spend a lot of time(nearly every day) on the server. I also have a lot of ideas that could help change the server as it is good but like everything, it could always be better and I hope if I do become a staff to help it achieve that better using opinions from the community and my own experience.

    Why should you become part of our staff team?:
    over my years on playing MRP's and other game modes as well on mesa, I have gained a good level of trust which I believe is essential for a staff member as regulars would not like an untrustworthy staff to do their sit. I have a good friendship as well with staff and regular which is important for me and regulars to have friendly staff to help them. I may not be able to help them all the time as my time on the server need to be split between on duty and RP but I will try to help them if there is not staff do so as long as it doesn't ruin other peoples RP.


    Please explain what the following phrases and such mean:

    • RDM/Attempted RDM: RDM stands for random deathmatch and it is when a player kills another player for no reason(Example: I shoot and kill Ghasts and he has his weapons holstered, that would be RDM)There are 3 current types of RDM Attempted Random Death Match(ARDM) which is when a player attempts to kill you and Mass Random Deathmatch (MRDM) when a player kills lots of people for no reason.
    • RDA: Random Arrest, this when a player with an arrest stick, cuffs or a baton and randomly arrests other players without reason. This will result in a warning however if this is done on a mass scale it could lead to a ban.
    • NLR: NLR stands for No Life Rule and is when someone dies and uses that knowledge to their advantage(Example: If a player dies while in combat the player cannot go back without waiting knowing where that person was and sprays through the wall or something killing them)
    • FailRP: Fail RP is when a player does something that is unrealistic such as using a script to bunny hop or no clipping(Example: A player cannot just no-clip around the map without cloaking themself's)
    • Metagaming: Metagaming is when a player uses out of game information to their advantage(Example: someone might say in OOC that the NK is undercover in the base, Someone then cannot go round the base asking for everyone's ID)
    Is there any difference between NLR and Breaking NLR? What about "NLRing" and Breaking NLR? If there is, what is the difference?: There is a difference, NLR(New Life Rule) is a rule to stop players say in a base attack to die and immediately respawn and go straight into combat. Breaking NLR is basically the opposite (you get killed and immediate going into combat).


    How should "admin sits" be handled? What is the process of handling them?:
    An admin sit should be handled away from RP such as an admin room or under the map(In this case on top of the Kill house). Then both sides of the story should be heard without interruption from the opposing side. If the opposing side was to interrupt they would be given a verbal warning and possibly be dragged away to allow the other side to speak. Both sides of the story would be taken in and valid proof would also be assessed. In the worst-case scenario, a more senior administrator would be called in to help. After reviewing the evidence and the story the correct action will be taken from a verbal warning to a ban depending on what rule was broken.

    If there was a player "minging" around and not roleplaying correctly, what would you do?:
    A verbal warning would be given first but if they were to carry on, their behaviour would be monitored and again another verbal warning, if the behaviour does not improve after a verbal warning they would be taking into an admin sit where the correct action would be taken from a warning up to a ban.

    What comes first? Role-play or administrative duty?:
    The duty of an administrator always comes first.


    In-game name:
    Paracommando PT FSM Vallus

    Please list any administrative punishments you have received, if any:

    Thank you for reading and if you think any improvements I wouldn't mind if you told me as I believe I put 100% but always believe it could be better.
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  2. MatthewUK

    MatthewUK ★Who Dares Wins★ MRP Trial Moderator OG MRP Supporter

    10 June 2017
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    OG player, great roleplayer, strong application, very active.
  3. Sloan

    Sloan Al Qatala|FAT| Dyslectic Forum Junior Moderator Platinum VIP OG MRP Supporter

    30 September 2017
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    -Good app
  4. Daggersツ

    Daggersツ Not racist Platinum VIP

    29 September 2017
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  5. Olly

    Olly I've been here way too long MRP Trial Moderator OG OG MRP Supporter

    5 April 2016
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    + Support
    - Well written application
    - Known in the community
    - Appears to have good knowledge of the rules
    - General Administration Questions could have been fleshed out more but got the point across.
  6. Eto

    Eto ex something idk MRP Trial Moderator OG OG MRP Supporter MRP VIP

    4 December 2016
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    he is well known
    Last edited: 7 May 2020
  7. Kurt Black

    Kurt Black Banned Banned

    9 February 2018
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  8. Gab

    Gab This place is now my new facebook US General OG MRP Supporter

    24 November 2016
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    Good lad
    Well known
  9. DrJoe

    DrJoe Member MRP Trial Moderator

    27 April 2020
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  10. Skit

    Skit Member OG

    29 March 2016
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    + support
    Nice lad
    Not 12
  11. Jorim

    Jorim Founder Forum Manager Founder OG

    17 January 2016
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  12. Fetti

    Fetti Fortnite King OG OG MRP Supporter

    20 March 2016
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    - Nice application
    - looks he is known in the community
    Last edited: 7 May 2020
  13. Maljenko

    Maljenko Not a staff member MRP Moderator OG MRP Supporter

    16 September 2017
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  14. Seán

    Seán Forum Man | Big Nig | Chunker Forum Manager Founder OG

    6 January 2017
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    All the people I rated 'retard'
    Can you fix your support by giving a reason please....
  15. Denis

    Denis Paracommando boi | In-game staff MRP Moderator

    17 February 2018
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    Good guy and can RP properly, but do we really need more staff? We have a fair amount atm and it's not like we need more people with the current state of the server imo
  16. Alex

    Alex Head Admin i guess MRP Senior Administrator US General OG OG MRP Supporter Too Shit to shit post

    28 January 2016
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    Accepted, please ask in-game for your ULX rank and link this post for proof.

    ngl feel bad for niggas who applied when mesa died and for the tmods lmfao

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